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I'm a self taught developer and swimmer based out of IN 🙈. I am most interested in using tools and technology relating to robotics (c++, c#, c, etc) and I hope to learn more about these in the future. I have skills in front-end development (html and css) as well as backend python and c#. I'm most comfortable using those languages and web technologies, but i'm always open to learning new things! Feel free to contact me @ my email: eddyzhu102@gmail.com, discord @ Fredward#6969, or the Hack Club slack!
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some of my projects

Catalyst AI

CatalystAI allows students, researchers, and professionals alike to EFFECTIVELY enhance their informative scientific research papers (academic papers in general) by utilizing the cutting edge gpt3 model along with an extensive knowledge graph extracted from a number of scientific papers. Catalyst AI

Founders Mafia Podcast

Founders Mafia Podcast is show where you get a glimpse into the crazy reality of startups. In this show we chat with amazing founders from all around the world to learn how entrepreneurs turned their ideas into a reality and the lessons they learned while doing that. Join the Community!

Vivid Hacks

60 Hour student lead hackathon in the making! Join the community at https://discord.gg/HGXwx5A8dU

Notable Neuros Psychology

Notable Neuros Psychology is a nonprofit committed to raising inquiry about nerves in all forms and providing education on psychology and neuroscience worldwide. Join the Community!